Pepper 開發資源收集

Softbank 軟銀的Pepper機器人真的很吸引人,想要認真收集一下Pepper的開發資源,來了解一下機器人開發平台。


Choregraphe  是IDE 主要有Pepper 模擬器,可以做一些預先定義好的動作,將這些動作連起來,像是巨集一樣。


另外也有Android SDK 可以供下載

Android 的主要用途是做應用, Robot application runs on the built-in Android tablet of the robot and therefore to develop the application, Android Studio must be installed.

而如果要從Android 控制Pepper動作看來就是要用Qi 

The Qi SDK allows Android developers to take advantage of Pepper’s features. Once an application has taken the control of the robot, it can make the robot perform actions, and react to its environment. In the API, the focus is given on providing high-level instructions to the robot.

Qi SDK 下載